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Property Management in Miami



Are you a landlord? If you’re managing your property alone, you have a long list of duties that on any given day includes:

· Making sure everyone pays rent

· Screening potential tenants

· Advertising vacancies

· Fixing/replacing broken or damaged items on your properties

· Listening to tenant complaints

· Doing paperwork

All these responsibilities can easily stack up and drain you of time and energy. But there’s a solution. Hiring a property manager is the best way to free up your schedule and gain peace of mind as a landlord. If your property is in Miami, hire Azure Miami Real Estate and Property Management!

A property management company like Azure Miami is a third party that helps a landlord just like you manage their property and the tenants inside. Usually you can expect to pay them a Flat Fee for their services. Although every property management company operates a little differently, they perform the tasks of a landlord without actually owning the property. Ultimately, a property manager will make your life as a landlord simpler.


Signs You Need Property Management in Miami

Are you unsure whether you need property management in Miami? Consider these signs that you might need a property manager. 


Too Much Stress

In general, managing a property is stressful. You have a lot of details to worry about. Managing many tenants and meeting their individual needs is a large task. It’s hard to have a good attitude when tenants need repairs at all hours of the day and are constantly finding new reasons to complain. Paperwork alone can be a massive hassle, especially when it comes to filing taxes. If you have multiple properties, you have even more stress. 

With a property manager, you won’t be alone anymore. Rather than being on-call 24/7, the property management company will help your tenants with their repairs and handle their complaints. You’ll finally be able to relax, knowing that a property is in good hands without you.



Lack of Time

Even if you want to help each of your tenants individually attend to all their needs, that’s not always realistic. Managing a property takes time. There are only 24 hours in a day, and you might not be in a place where you have a large amount of time to take care of your property and your tenants. 

When you don’t have the appropriate amount of time to devote to managing your property, your property suffers. It’s better to hire Azure to take care of your property effectively than to try to go it alone and end up with poor results. When you hire Azure, you’ll instantly have a freer schedule. You will gain time to work on other projects or focus on just some of your properties if you own multiple properties. 


Too Much Distance

Property management gets much harder if you don’t live close to your properties. If a tenant calls you in the middle of the night with a need, you aren’t able to quickly come to their aid. You can’t directly communicate with tenants when they aren’t paying their rent on time. You can’t promptly inspect property damages when they need repairs, and you may not even know the area well enough to know who to call for the repairs. If you own multiple properties around the country, you end up having to split your time between those properties, which means none of your clients are satisfied. 

Azure will help maintain the property and deal with the tenants on your behalf. You won’t have to feel bad if you’re not around for your tenants, because Azure will be there for them. We’ll take care of your tenants by collecting rent, handling maintenance and repairs, and performing inspections.


Lack of Expertise

Although you may enjoy the profits from your property, the everyday tasks and details that go into managing that property may be outside your comfort zone. Not everyone has the skillset to manage their property. If you have employees to help manage your property, you might not like making the decisions that keep your property maintained. Maybe being a property owner is new to you, so you simply don’t have the amount of information you need to get the job done. The extensive rules and regulations you have to follow as a property owner can also be overwhelming. 

Azure’s knowledge and expertise of property management will more than compensate for what you don’t know! We stay up to date on the rules and regulations of the condo and homeowners association, landlord-tenant law, and other relevant laws. If you hire Azure to manage your real estate, you no longer have to worry about running into legal trouble with a tenant over a piece of information you didn’t even know. We’ll make sure we know the laws, so you don’t have to. If you have employees, we can also help manage them. 

Too Many Vacancies

Vacancies mean you’re losing money. Of course, you want to fill them, but sometimes finding good tenants and keeping those tenants can be a challenge. 

Just Some of Our Vendors


Trusts and Probate Management Services

Azure Miami is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

Probate Real Estate Miami, Probate Miami Beach, Probate Aventura, Probate Ft. Lauderdale

We assist the Executor, Administrator, Conservator and Trustees with Legal Duties to Maintain a Property Until the Estate is Settled. To Protect and Preserve the Asset of an Estate in Order to Sell the Property at Maximum Value

Available Services

Wealth Management Miami , Estate Planning Miami, Trustees Miami, Property Management Trustees Miami

Emergency Repairs, Eviction. General Repairs and Maintenance, House Cleaning and Deodorization, Interior and Exterior Disposal of Debris, Landscaping, Inventory, Liquidating Personal Belongings, Painting,  Property Inspection and Condition Reports,Hurricane Shutters, Mold Remediation*
Re-keying and Securing Property, Co-ordinate with Condo and HOA Associations Rules and Regulations

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We Understand at Azure Miami that Your Family Member may be Transitioning to the next Stage of Life, Assisted Living,Nursing Home or Just Closer to Loved Ones.
Let Us at Azure Miami Take Some of
The Burden Off Your Shoulders.

Find out more

Real Estate Services for Probate, Wealth Managers & Trustees


A Guide to Property Management and Real Estate Services for Probate, Wealth Managers, and Trustees


What is a Probate Real Estate Specialist? 

If your loved one recently passed away without leaving a living will, you have probably been spending a lot of time with lawyers in Probate court. This would be a stressful circumstance for anyone, but it is even more difficult when you have just lost someone special. Azure Miami Real Estate and Property Management has a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist who can help you through this challenging situation. 

We can handle everything related to your loved one’s real estate from the time of their passing until the property is settled again. 

You can expect a probate real estate specialist like Azure Miami to do five things:

1. Assess the value of the home.

2. Recommend ways to increase the value of the home, such as cosmetic changes or necessary repairs.

3. Provide time-stamped inspections.

4. Put the house on the market to be sold.

5. Continue to keep up the house until it is sold.

In some circumstances, renting out the home may also be an option. If that is what you would prefer, but you think it will be more stressful, don’t worry. Azure Miami offers property management services to maintain the house on your behalf.


How Do We Work with Wealth Managers?

Azure Miami offers similar services when we work with wealth managers. If someone is too sick to care for their estate, they may involve wealth managers. Those wealth managers will then turn to property management companies like Azure for our expertise in property. 



Benefits of Hiring Property Management and Real Estate Services for Probate, Wealth Managers, and Trustees

If you’re unsure if a property management or real estate service like Azure is right for you, here are some great reasons to hire one.

Real estate is Very Personal 

Because the home belonged to your family member, you probably feel somewhat attached to it. You may have spent a large amount of time there in recent years or even grown up there. For these reasons, knowing that the home will be becoming someone else’s can be extremely painful.

At Azure, we understand that. We know how personal real estate can be, but we promise to take good care of your loved one’s home and sell it to a great buyer or rent it out to a tenant who will treat your loved one’s former residence well. We want to make the transition from your loved one’s time as owner to the next person’s time as owner as smooth and efficient as possible.



It’s Less Stress During an Already Stressful Time

Whether you’re seeking Azure Miami to work with wealth managers, or you want to hire us as your probate real estate specialist, you’re already under a lot of stress. That is in addition to your already busy schedule of work, family obligations, errands, time with friends, and everything else in day-to-day life. It’s hard to find the additional time to take care of your loved one’s estate. By hiring Azure, you can avoid an extra obligation and additional stress. You can have peace of mind knowing that we’re taking good care of your loved one’s home until it’s once again occupied.

It’s More Time to Care for Your Loved One, Not Their Home

If your loved one has passed away, you need to spend time with your family as they grieve. When you’re maintaining and/or repairing a home, you’re spending time away from your family when they need you most. Leave the home maintenance and repairs to Azure. By hiring a Probate real estate specialist, you can emotionally support your family in their time of need.

The same thing is true if you have a loved one who is sick and has turned their property over to wealth managers. Your loved one needs your care and other family members need your support. You may even be a caretaker for your loved one. Don’t waste time maintaining your loved one’s estate when there is an easy alternative. Let Azure work with the wealth managers to care for the property on your loved one’s behalf. 


You’ll Get the Maximum Sale Price

Your loved one’s home may need work before it can be put on the market. If the work is especially costly, you may be tempted to handle it yourself. However, unprofessional, shoddy work can end up costing you more in the end. You may end up being unable to properly perform the work and even damage the home further while trying. If, after you’ve tried to do the work yourself, you hire someone else to do the work, you’ll have wasted time and repairs unnecessarily.

However, if you end up putting the home on the market as is, you won’t get as much money as you might have if you had trusted a professional like Azure to do that work for you. Even a small financial loss can have a big impact if this is financially difficult time for you. You may have just spent a large amount of money on funeral costs and medical bill, or you may need to pay for your loved one’s ongoing medical care.

You’ll Get the Fastest Sale

If you’re not the one caring the piece of real estate, waiting for you loved one’s house to sell can still make you feel uneasy. And the longer the home sits unoccupied, the more money you’re losing. Azure will make the whole process go much more quickly. Our team of professionals can quickly get your house ready to be put on the market. We use our contacts to find the perfect buyer fast. There will be less waiting and worrying for you.

Would you like to find out more about Azure Miami? Contact us today. Whether you want us because we are a certified probate Real Estate Specialist, or because you want us to work alongside wealth managers, you have made the right choice! We are experienced, efficient workers will, and we’ll give you peace of mind and alleviate stress during a difficult time in your life.

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