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Questions? Ready to Get Started? Email Us :

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Questions? Ready to Get Started? Email Us :

Questions? Ready to Get Started? Email Us :

Questions? Ready to Get Started? Email Us :

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Questions? Ready to Get Started? Email Us :

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Renting Real Estate in Miami



If you’re looking into renting real estate in Miami, you may feel overwhelmed. There are so many options available, and the process of finding the perfect place to live can be very time-consuming. Maybe you haven’t even decided if renting is what’s best for you. You might still be torn between renting and buying real estate. 

We’re big believers in renting during many stages of life. Renting real estate, as opposed to buying your own home, has many benefits, including: 

· More flexibility 

· Less stress

· More savings

· More support

· More amenities

Let’s go into more detail of these benefits!


The Benefits of Renting Real Estate in Miami


It’s easier to move when you rent real estate as opposed to buying a house. Even if you’re not intending to move anytime soon, any number of big life changes might force you into relocating. Maybe you or a family member will get a better job somewhere else, or you’ll need to relocate to be closer to your parents, or maybe your financial situation will change. Renting gives you the freedom to make these transitions a reality at a quicker speed.


Less Stress

Homeownership can add to your stress. Maintenance can be extremely challenging and time-consuming, because when anything in your home unexpectedly breaks or gets damaged, you’re responsible for taking care of it. You may try to fix some of these issues yourself to offset the cost, but that takes lots of time and you might even end up making things worse. When you’re a renter, you don’t have to worry about these extra, unexpected expenses. Your landlord will take care of them.


When you rent one of Azure’s properties, you’ll benefit from our easy-to-use Tenant Portal. It makes your busy life a little bit easier. You can pay your rent online and even submit maintenance requests. We also offer an auto-payment option, so you don’t have to think about making your rent payment every month! Paying via Tenant Portal on-line is free, safe, and simple.


Although in the long run buying can be cheaper, renting might be the better choice if you’re not likely to live in one place for several years straight. Buying a home is a major investment. With all major purchases come sacrifices. If you buy a house, will you be giving up on other dreams or goals? Will you have significantly less money to spend on hobbies, entertainment, travel, or transportation?

Weigh the pros and cons and figure out what’s best for your situation. If buying a home is your dream, be realistic about what you want and what you can afford. If you’re not in a place yet where you can afford the house of your dreams, it’s better for you to rent and save up until you can afford to buy what you want.

You might not also be in a place financially where you can invest in property. If you have a bad credit score or a large amount of debt, owning a home may not be the best decision for you. Make sure that buying a house won’t also force you to blow through your savings. Never sacrifice an emergency fund to make a down payment.   More Savings


More Support

Whether you buy or rent, managing a piece of real estate comes with questions and responsibilities. If you’re one of Azure’s renters, you’ll have access to our network of professionals. This includes mortgage brokers, appraisers, lawyers, and inspectors. Azure also has friendly customer service that will answer your questions in a timely manner. Whenever there’s a problem with your property, we’ll make sure an expert takes care of it as soon as possible! You can call us or use the Tenant Portal. 

More Amenities

Another bonus of renting is that apartment complexes often provide amenities for the renters.  If you’re a homeowner, you may miss out on some of these extras. Wouldn’t you like to have a gym, pool, or laundry services right in your building? These types of amenities make life just a little easier and more enjoyable. With Azure’s properties, you’ll find a variety of amenities that vary depending on the location. Many of our properties offer exclusive gyms, pools, and private clubhouses.


How to Determine Where You Should Rent Real Estate in Miami 

Maybe you’ve decided that renting is what’s best for you, but you’re not sure what to look for. Everyone might have different criteria on how to choose the best location to live, but here are the top three things we think you should consider when looking for real estate to rent in Miami.

1. Choose What Features You Want

This might be features of the apartment or condo itself, or they might be amenities that the complex offers. Maybe you want a great entertaining space. Maybe having a waterfront property is important to you. Figure out what matters the most.

Although you may be able to find a property that has a few of your must-haves, it might be difficult to find a property that has all of them. Prioritize which things are the most important to you and which you might be willing to sacrifice on.

2. Know Your Budget

Of course, when you start looking for real estate—whether renting or buying— you should figure out what you’re able and willing to spend. When you look at your budget, think about what you’re able to realistically afford. You should also consider what other expenses you might be paying depending on what property you rent. 

For example, if you rent a place that’s further away from your office, you should factor in the added expense of the longer commute. And if the property you rent doesn’t include a gym, realize you might end up paying for a gym membership every month.

3. Determine Your Ideal Location 

Location is a key part of choosing what place you would like to live. Usually people want a location that’s close to work for a shorter commute. But maybe it’s more important for you to be by your family or friends. Or, maybe you’d like to be within walking distance of a park, restaurants, or other locations. Maybe you just really want to be on the beach. 

Whatever the case, make sure you decide where you stand on the issue and discuss it with your significant other, roommate, or whoever else you live with.

You can search 1000's of rental properties in  Real Time.

Contact Azure Miami for help finding apartments for rent Miami Beach. You can also browse our wide array of options online. With our help, you can find the perfect place to live! 

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D. Valladares, Pepsico

Sheila F., United States Army

SD Birsen, Entrepreneur

"Great customer service and always keeping us updated on the process with the condo association"


SD Birsen, Entrepreneur

Sheila F., United States Army

SD Birsen, Entrepreneur

"Thanks for fixing the leaking pipe the plumber was professional and fixed the issue saving water and saving money"


Sheila F., United States Army

Sheila F., United States Army

Sheila F., United States Army

"Such a great help throughout the whole process of acquiring a house to rent. I look forward to work with you again in the future. Thank you so much!!"

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